Shameless “Frank The Plumber” Review


It wouldn’t f**ken work, that’s a good reason.”

     Wow.  Talk about a big episode.  I still have not stopped thinking about it.  Those last five minutes?  To quote a friend, “I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO REACT!”  Okay, I’m getting ahead of my self.  Let me go back.  A LOT happened with our beloved Gallagher family this week.

     Lets start with poor Jimmy, talk about a bad day huh? I think that was a great point that was brought up by Jimmy’s bodyguard about how shifting from what Jimmy’s lifestyle was to what it is now is a harsh change, and it is clearly taking it’s toll on him.  He is constantly on the verge of snapping, and we saw him break (rightfully so).  I think going back to medical school maybe something Jimmy needs severely, but it’s not going to go over well with Fiona, which saddens me because I love Jimmy.  Also, can you imagine the odds of the owners of your stolen car finding it again on the side of the street?  Jimmy’s worst day, and one of Fiona’s better ones. It was fun watching her adapt to the office environment, as well as being introduced to her awesome boss.  Also, can I tell you how great it is to see Fiona smile?  I had the biggest grin on my face during that scene on the train, and also how taken aback she was that her boss told her she was doing a great job.  She deserves to smile more often.  The only sad part is that I know this happiness won’t last very long, because well, this is Shameless. However, my one complaint with her through the episode was her pulling up that website at work.  I mean, come on.  It’s common sense not to do that at work, especially when you just got hired and are in desperate need for a job.  I did however love her conversation with V and Kev in the earlier parts of the episode about said pictures.  Speaking of Kev and V, their surrogate story line was put on hold this week.  I wouldn’t consider this a bad thing though, because this episode had enough going on.

     Words don’t describe how much I want Lip to go to college, and it was so great to see that teased so heavily in this episode.  I loved the effect that the show used while Lip was writing his essay for MIT, and the fact that the straightforwardness he showed the MIT rep gave him the upper hand, and increased his chances at making his life something great.  The touch of Mandy plagiarizing people that she had no idea who they were, was very Mandy, and a nice touch.  I was glad that they addressed how they brought up how she paid for those applications, as I was wondering.  Those things are expensive.  The ongoing struggle with Lip and who he wants to be with hit a tipping point in this episode, and ended with KAREN GETTING HIT BY A CAR!  They got me with that fake out.  I thought to my self that it was good she didn’t get hit by a car.  Then BAM!  For the record,  I hate seeing Lip with Karen because of what she has done, and Mandy is certainly way better for Lip, but I have no idea what Lip is going to do when he eventually finds out Mandy was the one that hit Karen.  There is a shit storm brewing, and it’s a big one.

      This was a big episode for Debs as it really showed who she is becoming as a person, helping Sheila in her time of need.  It was very touching to see Debs help Sheila through her depression over her own needs.  The advice she gave Sheila throughout the episode was just so heart warming.  Debs is going to grow into a great, loving person, and this episode really showcased that.  I really do feel sorry for Sheila, I just want to go into my TV screen and tell her that it isn’t her fault Karen became who she is, and that she was the best parent she could have been.

      Let’s talk Ian.  The love of his life is getting married to a low life girl because he knocked her up after he was forced to screw her by his father to cure his gayness.  When Mandy told him this news,  Ian’s face dropped.  Speaking of Mandy, did I miss something?  Does she not know Ian and Micky are together?  Anyways, the extremely tense scene where Ian confronts Mickey was great and brutal.  I wonder when, or even if, Micky will ever admit it.  If he couldn’t then, then what possible situation would he admit it in?  I feel like this is going to crush Ian down to a new low.  That scene near the end with Ian crying in bed?  Yeah, Shameless likes to tear out your emotions and brutally stomp them into the floor.

      Frank, the poster boy for the Gay Rights movement?  I laugh every time I hear it.  The things that Frank will do to get money is ridiculous, and I wonder if he will start to realize this.  His reaction at the very end of the episode was hilarious.  Knowing Frank, he is going to feed off the attention he’s gonna get as much as he possibly can now that he has been kicked out of yet another residence.  One person I do wish had a little bit more screen time was Carl. To be fair though, the episode was pretty full, so I don’t think it was a bad thing to exclude him rather than muddle all the other story lines.  I am seriously excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.  If the preview for next week’s episode is any indication, it’s going to be brutal.

This was a near flawless episode of Shameless built by brutal raw emotion and great character development

SCORE: 9.5/10

Pros:  + Fiona Smiling

           + Lip & College

           + Car Fake Out   

+ Debs   

 Cons:  – Office Porn     


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